Smoke Detector program


The current legislation in Victoria requires landlords to comply with the following:


1. Ensure correct quantity of smoke detectors are installed in each residence.

2. Ensure smoke detectors are positioned in the correct locations.

3. Replace the battery in each detector at the commencement of a new lease.


All smoke detectors (electrical hard-wired and detachable) should be checked at least once a year and details recorded. Research has proven that many smoke detectors checked have either been faulty, broken by tenants attempting to replace batteries, full of dust, painted on, or do not comply with Australian Standards.  All smoke detectors also have a maximum life span of ten years and therefore need to be replaced when expired.  It is important that you fulfil your duty as a Landlord by keeping your property safe and hazard free for any occupants.


Anthony Hale Property Services (AHPS) annual maintenance/service of smoke detectors includes:


- A thorough maintenance check to ensure smoke detectors are in working order, within expiry, and positioned correctly

- Documentation of records details whether properties comply with current smoke detector legislations (Including: Building Commission requirements and compliance with Australian Standards 1993, AS 3786)

- Decibel testing (in accordance with Australian Standards 1993, AS 3786 Section 3.5)

- Cleaning detector and surrounding areas including vacuum cleaning the grill (in accordance with Australian Standards 1993, AS 3786 Section 3.4.8)

- Battery replacement (in accordance with Australian Standards 1993, AS 3786 Section 2.3)

- Smoke test to ensure effective operation

- Button test to ensure effective operation

- Replacement of faulty or expired smoke detectors where necessary.  Ensuring that smoke detectors are securely fitted to the ceiling (in accordance with Australian Standards 1993, AS 3786 Section 2.6)


The costs of this comprehensive service include:


The servicing of all smoke detectors per property/flat/apartment for $65.00 + GST per year.


- Replacement of 9 Volt batteries in all smoke detectors are included in the annual service charge

- Our service is guaranteed for 12 months, and covers any call outs to the property during this time.


Additional/Replacement Smoke Detectors


Where additional smoke detectors are required to:


- meet legislation requirements

- currently no smoke detectors present and/or the replacement of faulty or expired smoke detectors is required;


A new basic 9 volt smoke detector will be installed at $27.50 + GST per detector.


9 Volt Photoelectric Smoke Detectors can be installed on request at $55.00 + GST per detector.



Hard Wired Smoke Detector Replacement


Replacement of faulty or expired 240 Volt Mains connected Smoke Detectors cost $55.00 + GST per detector, plus and electrician call out charge from $85.00 + GST.  In these circumstances a quote prior to installation will always be provided, plus a Certificate of Electrical Safety at the completion of work.


Service and costs are subject to change with prior notification.

Prices are effective as at 1 July 2012.


If you would like AHPS to maintain and service your properties smoke detectors please email your details to: